Get Complimentary Birthday Celebration in Your Office, Home, School or in Party Halls. Let us know the Birth Date it may be Your Relatives, Friends, Classmate or Office Colleagues, We make this Wonderful moment Memorable for Lifetime!


Are you looking yourself to get relaxed far from the city, experiencing nature and relieving your stress from your corporate work? We provide you with the best place for you to enjoy your day with your family and your friends. Resorts with the nature surrounded are the best place, where an individual or a group can plan for their weekend. But now we bring a platform where we arrange the events for the corporate or private by partnering with the resorts. We offer a possibility to tailor-made events, and we have the expertise of privatizing whole properties for your corporate events or wedding party, birthday party, engagement ceremony, reception or private event.

Tngtong, is a platform where you can experience the great deals at the resort for you for the activities looking for. Get connected with us for more details and we will help you get all the requirements at one place.