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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony Overview

We arrange many ceremonies, some make it big and some make it small, irrespective of these everyone awaits for the ceremonies to come soon. Every time a child is born, it’s a great happiness for the family to welcome a newborn baby and at this occasion arranging an event for the naming ceremony is sometimes quite difficult. From the basic requirements to the catering, and importantly looking after the arrangements for the event is the great difficulty in that short duration. But now it’s not your turn to worry about, we bring the platform for you, where you just give your requirements and our team takes care of everything.

Tngtong showcases the finest Naming Ceremony Event Planner in Bangalore to make your most awaited event a memorable one ever. Tngtong is the most popular event planner in Bangalore, Who has a well-experienced team with new innovative ideas for the cradle/naming ceremony.

Experience a luxury naming ceremony for your baby with our personalized approach and excellent standards of planning by our creative experts.

What sets us apart from the other Party Planners in Bangalore is our unique endeavour to make each and every party unique in its kind.

Contact our experts to plan and execute your Naming Ceremony Event. We pay special attention to your wishes in order to bring your tailor-made solutions and services designed to offer you the very best and make each occasion an unforgettable experience!