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Marriage Overview

A beautiful path, where two souls meet and establish their new journey. People often say that marriages are made in heaven!! , Don't know whether it's true or not. But it's a beautiful bond, where two lives share their sorrows, bliss and from sharing each other’s feelings to sharing hardships and enjoying each other’s success is what makes a relationship stronger. Whatever the religion it might be, whatever the rituals it might be, the ultimate aim of any wedding is to give one another the hope of being there for all the situations. Telling the whole world that we are together, will be together. The basic foundation of any wedding is trust, loyal, love, care. If this is there, and then that is the most beautiful relationship on this earth. Wedding is meant to show this world that, whatever the world might be I have one person, whom I can rely on undoubtedly.

It is not the amount of money we spent in wedding decides our love towards one another, but it is the bonding that we share .wedding is considered to be one of the holistic relationships.

In total it is the celebration of two souls witnessed by the whole world.

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