Get Complimentary Birthday Celebration in Your Office, Home, School or in Party Halls. Let us know the Birth Date it may be Your Relatives, Friends, Classmate or Office Colleagues, We make this Wonderful moment Memorable for Lifetime!


Inauguration Overview

Let’s welcome to your dream place!!

Have you moved into your dream home or new shop or new office? If yes, so its time for a big inauguration party to celebrate your happiness but don’t stress yourself so much by planning everything. Instead give us a shot to help you plan, prep and celebrate.

We are leading in managing the inauguration party in and around Bangalore. We make sure your party will be more enjoyable and interesting one if your guest's list includes people from different generations, your friends and family and your colleagues. And we make necessary arrangements like pooja pandit, decorations, pandal, catering, celebrity arrangements, photo and video shoot, sound, lightings, and gifts or return gifts. We plan each event after getting proper understanding from your organization, budgets, ethos, and requirements.

TTngtong is a team of reliable, professionals and creative talents for Inauguration Party Planners located in Bangalore. We will make you feel that your day is more wonderful that’s our main area of concern. Our experts has been spent a lot of time in co-coordinating events and making them awesome moments with dazzle. We are the leading Event Organizer in Bangalore.

So start booking through online payment, you just order and sit back relaxed.