Get Complimentary Birthday Celebration in Your Office, Home, School or in Party Halls. Let us know the Birth Date it may be Your Relatives, Friends, Classmate or Office Colleagues, We make this Wonderful moment Memorable for Lifetime!

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Every event should be unique and memorable – for all the right reasons! Tngtong covers every aspect of the corporate event management company in India. Whether you like it the conventional way or even a step–up from the usual, you name it and we execute it.

Top event management company in India- We are highly professional Event Planners who can create and manage Indian and destination weddings, and big occasion events. As Corporate Event Planners in Bangalore, we help you in organizing your events within your budget.

We have come a long way since then and is considered a leading business in the sector of event management services and luxury experiences for individuals and corporate companies. When it comes to delivering custom made solutions to clients, Tngtong prides itself on its ability to overcome obstacles the company has served sharp clients at the very highest level.

TNGTONG Digital is the Event Management Company in India which is using digital platforms to organize and promote its services with the assistance of vendors. We host all kinds of traditional corporate as well as destination weddings, Big Occasions held in Schools and Colleges, beautiful Matchmaking events, pre-wedding, hosting a live TV show, Entry events, Celebrity meet, Festival celebrations, New Year Party celebrations, Weekend Parties, Movie premium launch, Product Launch, Fashion Show, special birthday Party event hosting, Events in Mall, Pool Party. We help you in organizing your events within your budget and our motto is to bring you a happy smile all through your special occasion.

We do provide Catering Services and we have an in-house IT Team: We aim to offer perfect service as per the demands and preferences of the clients. We take all kinds of Corporate catering, Party orders, Events, and school catering. Our services cover the food and beverage arrangements, dining hall décor and also take Homemade food Orders. The service staff is presentable and courteous in serving while interacting with the guests. This establishment modifies its service offerings to match and suit all kinds of budgets and preferences. Be it family events, weddings or corporate events, they have the expertise to aid in each event successfully.